How does Tin work?

Tin is a mobile Safari extension that helps you automatically save time and money while shopping on your iPhone. All you need to do is download the Tin iOS app, install the extension into Safari, and connect your email provider, and Tin will do the rest!

1. Public Deals - We aggregate coupon codes for over 30,000+ retailers (more than Honey, RetailMeNot, etc.)
2. Personalized Coupons - Connecting your email inbox and never miss a deal! Tin sifts through the pile of promotional emails buried in your inbox to identify coupon codes and automatically applies them at checkout. All the savings, none of the hassle.
3. Delivery Tracking - Tin automatically identifies new orders & tracking numbers within your inbox and tracks all your packages in one place.
4. No More Newsletter Signups - Tired of merchant pop-ups that force you to enter email / phone for 10% discount? Tin automatically creates a ghost email and phone on your behalf, getting you the discount code without the spam!

How do I install the Tin mobile Safari extension on my iPhone?

1. Download the Tin app for your iPhone here
2. Install the Tin extension to your mobile Safari browser (with the help of our onboarding guide!)
3. Create your account within the Tin iOS app
4. Connect the email you use for shopping to get the best out of Tin
5. That’s it! Now you’ll save time and money while shopping on your iPhone, without any of the hassle :)

Does Tin work in my location?

While Tin supports over 30,000+ merchants, so you should have no problem saving money wherever you are. That said, currently Tin officially supports users in the United States. We plan to expand to more regions soon; please reach out if you’d like us to prioritize your region by emailing!

I have an Android phone. Is there a Tin extension for that?

Currently, Android does not support browser extensions on Chrome for mobile phones. We hope to be able to bring our extension to Android in the future once Google makes this possible.

Can I use Tin on my desktop browser?

Tin is currently only available on your iPhone/iPad as a mobile Safari extension, but we’ll be launching a desktop extension soon that will support a variety of browsers including Chrome, Safari, Arc, and more!

How do I contact Tin support?

Got a question about using Tin or want to report an issue? Email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Which retailers does Tin support?

Tin supports over 30,000+ merchants around the world! When shopping at a supported retailer, the Tin extension will pop-out if coupon codes are available to ensure you’re getting best price.

Is there a retailer you’d like us to support? Send us a note at

How does Tin offer so many discounts?!

Tin spends the time sourcing deals so you don’t have to. We do this in a variety of ways, including partnering directly with retailers, affiliate channels, and public sources to aggregate discounts across thousands of merchants. In addition to public codes, we securely identify the personalized coupon codes that retailers email you. At checkout, Tin calculates the best savings across the public & personalized codes and automatically applies the best deal to maximize your savings!

Does Tin work if I have other savings extensions installed?

Yep! Tin should work in tandem with other savings extensions (though we hope you prefer ours 🙂). If you have multiple extensions installed, we recommend always using Tin last at checkout to ensure you get the maximum possible savings.

How does Tin track my orders and deliveries?

Tin securely identifies tracking numbers from your order confirmation emails. We then work with large shipping service APIs (i.e. FedEx, UPS, etc.) to verify the status of your delivery. Please note that the information provided is pulled directly from the carriers; we’ll display a best estimate of the shipping status, but we can not guarantee the accuracy of the information.

How are my emails kept secure? Will my personalized deals or tracking numbers be shared with other Tin users?

At Tin, we are serious about privacy and security. We use bank-level security (256-bit encryption) for all of your data, ensuring your information is safe and secure.

Additionally, any information that is unique to you - including personalized coupon codes and tracking numbers - will never be shared with any other Tin user or third party.

What are the Tin Referral Program and Promotional Periods?

At certain times, Tin provides incentives to our members for sharing information about how to save money and earn cashback when shopping online. Whenever a person referred by you signs up for Tin during a promotional period, you can receive Tin Cash (which can be exchanged for gift cards at popular retailers)! The conditions for earning a reward may differ, but details can always be viewed when there is an active promotional period.

How do I earn a referral reward?

Every Tin member is assigned a unique link within your Profile > Refer a Friend page - the link should look like “[uniquecodehere]”. When new users sign up using your link, you can earn a referral reward! Referral rewards can only be earned when there is an active promotional period. If a referral joins outside of the active promotional period, no reward is earned, so make sure your friends and family finish setting up their account in time!

My referral bonus is pending, what does that mean?

In order to preserve our community, we need to ensure that valid users are being rewarded. To do so, we run a validity check on new users to confirm their status. For example, these status checks focus on things like unique users (i.e. mobile device ID, IP address, etc.), valid carrier-issued phone numbers (i.e. we don’t support VoIP numbers), hwo recently the email address was created, etc. The referral may be marked in a “pending” state if any of these validity checks are not verified, and will be manually reviewed.

I’ve earned rewards, but why do I need to verify my ID?

Since Tin Cash can be redeemed for Gift Cards, we are required to do a Know Your Customer (KYC) check to ensure the funds are not used in any form of illegal activity (i.e. money laundering). We use a third party service, HyperVerge, to handle this for us. It’s super simple!

It says my ID check failed. Why?

ID checks can fail for a few reasons, including, but not limited to: user is not at least 18 years old (Tin’s T&C require the user must be over 18), no selfie taken during the ID verification process (the selfie photo must be a live photo of your face), or the ID picture is not valid (it must be a photo of a physical ID).

How does Tin make money?

Tin earns revenue via affiliate commissions from retail partners when you use Tin during checkout.

Have a new feature idea? A business opportunity? General feedback?

We’re all ears! We love hearing from our community, so please reach out directly to with any ideas or general feedback.